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Blue Drops Of Rain

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Blue Drops Of Rain (1995)
Debut Album / Texas Blues Power

01. Gone Too Long
02. Blue Drops Of Rain Video
03. Crosscut Saw
04. I Got A Rich Man's Woman Video(Live)
05. It's Over
06. Back In Time
07. I'll Play The Blues
08. The Brothers Lyrics
09. Headshrinker
10. Goin' Crazy

Road To Zen

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Road To Zen (1997)
2nd Album / Blues Meets Classic Rock

01. Only One For You
02. Too Much Fun?
03. Lessons Of Love Lyrics
04. My Neighborhood
05. One More Time Video
06. Road To Zen Video(Live)
07. Take It Back
08. Big House Blues
09. Blues Are Here To Stay
10. Charles Bronson Vibe

Road To Zen - Live DVD

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Road To Zen - Live DVD (2002)
Corey power trios his way thru a concert shot in 1997 at the St. Paul Civic Center

01. Back In Time
02. Big House Blues
03. The Brothers
04. Take It Back
05. Too Much Fun?
06. Blue Drops Of Rain
07. Gone Too Long
08. Blues Are Here To Stay
09. My Neighborhood
10. One More Time
11. It's Over
12. Goin' Crazy
13. Road To Zen

Mean And Lean
Originally released
as "Getaway"

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Mean And Lean (1999)
3rd Album / Classic Rock Meets Singer Songwriter

01. Mean And Lean
02. The Price Is Right Lyrics
03. Getaway
04. This Train
05. Money
06. Stray Summer
07. I Propose
08. Mindless Rock
09. You Can't Blame Me
10. Baby It Hurts

Bring On The Blues

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Bring On The Blues (2003)
4th Album / Back to the Blues... More like the first two albums

01. Lonesome Road Blues
02. Hang On
03. Real Love
04. You're So Evil
05. Crazy And Blue
06. My Love For You Has Died Video(Live)
07. Triple Jack
08. Something I Can't Do
09. My Blues Are Turning Red
10. You're Gonna Miss Me
11. Getaway (Featuring Canned Heat)

Alone At Last

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Alone At Last (2005)
5th Album / Acoustic - Corey sings & plays all the instruments hence Alone At Last

01. Have Another Drink
02. Color Me A Fool
03. Aloha Peke
04. One More Time
05. Last Temptation
06. Goodbye 1969
07. Blue Drops Of Rain
08. Back On You
09. Only One For You
10. Gone Too Long


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Albertville (2007)
6th Album / Albert King Covers

01. A Real Good Sign
02. That's What The Blues Is All About Video(Live w/bonus)
03. Another Pretty Face
04. Blue Suede Shoes
05. Breaking Up Somebody's Home
06. Cold Women With Warm Hearts
07. I Get Evil
08. Little Brother (Make Away)
09. Got To Be Some Changes Made
10. Nice To Be Nice (Ain't That Nice)

Myth Live

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Myth Live (2008)
7th Album / Double Live Album

Disc 1
01. Another Pretty Face
02. My Blues Are Turning Red
03. Blue Drops Of Rain
04. The Brothers
05. It's Over Video
06. Band Introduction
07. Road To Zen
08. This Train
09. Something I Can't Do

Disc 2
10. Lonesome Road Blues
11. My Love For You Has Died
12. Mean And Lean
13. Aloha Peke
14. Big House Blues
15. My Neighborhood
16. One More Time
17. Too Much Fun?

The Dreaming Man

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The Dreaming Man (2010)
8th Album / Classic Corey Blues Rock

01. Good For The Soul Lyrics
02. Why These Blues Lyrics
03. Killer Blues Lyrics
04. Too Good To Be True Lyrics
05. Running Away Lyrics
06. Ronda Vista Shuffle
07. Ride It Out Lyrics
08. The Dreaming Man Lyrics
09. Lost Shadows
10. True Blue Lyrics
11. Another Sad Goodbye Lyrics
12. Never Had A Read Lyrics

Rumors in the Ether

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Rumors in the Ether (2014)
9th Album / Guitar Driven Concept Album

01. Red White and Blues Lyrics
02. Down in the Gutter Lyrics
03. Operation Dynamite Lyrics
04. To Be a Kid Again Lyrics
05. Don't Drone Me Bro Lyrics
06. You Used to Be Cool Lyrics
07. Rumors in the Ether Lyrics
08. Slim Dog and the Millionaires Lyrics
09. Wiki Diki Doo Lyrics

Bonus Material / Audio Archive

Bonus Material / Audio Archive
Lenny - Live Video
Voodoo Chile - Live Video
Radio Interview - KQRS (1998) Listen Now
Take It Back - Live on KQRS (1998) Listen Now
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